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        Product data


        1:Atmel® | SMART SAMA5

        2:ARM Cortex-A5

        3:536MHz (850DMIPS)

        4:256MB DDR3 (64 Bit)

        5:256MB Nandflash

        product detail:

        Front view


        Rear view


        SAMA5D3 MPU overview

        SAMA5D3 MPU introduction

        Atmel|SMART SAMA5D3 MPU can provide processing capacity of up to 850DMIPS with power consumption of less than 150mW,which is the best choice for industrial application featuring high performance,low power consumption and senstiveness to cost.its application includes controling of panel,smart power facility and barcode scanner,e.g.any device which need high grade connection,enhanced user interface,high safety or to be powered by battery.SAMA5D3 is also the good choice for wearable computing application and mobile application.SAMA5D3 series include components of which support temperature range -40/+105°C and package of 12x12mm BGA324(space as 0.5mm).
        Atmel|SMART SAMA5D3 series can provide processing capacity of up to 850DMIPS at 536 Mhz,it is advanced in the market in terms of power consumption(less than 150mW in working mode,less than 0.2-5mW in low-power mode).it provides powerful and high performance external components and interfaces,including 3 USB ports in high speed,interfaces for GMbps and 10/100 ethernet,dual CAN and TFT LCD controller,camera,3 soft modulators of SDIO/SD/MMC、UART、SPI、TWI,12 bit ADC,32 bit timer and ect.Highly stable and reliable safety and Counterfeit prevention is offered by hardware encrypt engine( such as AES/3DES、TRNG、SHA) and safety leading.free Atmel Linux? distribution,Android distribution package,Qt SDK and a full set of C example for non-operating system users are attached with these components.SOM(module system),PMIC(power management IC),memory and kits from different software and hardware partners will make this item more completed.

        SAMA5D3 advantage

        • ARM Cortex-A5 kernel runs at 536MHz (850DMIPS)

        • Floating point arithmetic unit is used for high precise calculation and fast data process.

        • Superior low-consumption is leading in the market.

          • With all external devices activated,it can provide up to 536MHz working frequency with less than 150mW(in working mode).

          • With SRAM and register,power consumption is as low as 0.5mW in low-consumption mode.

          • Dual CAN control

        • Support IEEE1588 Gmbps ethernet MAC and 10/100 MAC.

        • 3 HS high speed USB ports(can be configured to 3 hosts or two host+one component port).

        • CMOS image sensor interface.

        • Graphic LCD controller,features Image synthesis and superimposition.

        • AES/3DES hardware encrypt engine and safty leading.

        • BGA324(15x15,invterval 0.8)package,and small package option BGA(12x12mm,interval 0.5).

        • Expanded industrial temperature range:-40°C to 105°C 

        SAMA5D3 diagram


        SAMA5D3 block diagram


        SAMA5D3 MPU difference


        SAMA5D36 critical parameter

        Parameter Value
        Pin Count: 324
        Max. Operating Freq. (MHz): 536 MHz
        CPU: Cortex-A5
        Max I/O Pins: 160
        Ext Interrupts: 160
        USB Transceiver: 3
        USB Speed: Hi-Speed
        USB Interface: Host, Device
        SPI: 6
        TWI (I2C): 3
        UART: 7
        CAN: 2
        LIN: 4
        SSC: 2
        Ethernet: 2
        SD / eMMC: 3
        Graphic LCD: Yes
        Camera Interface: Yes
        ADC Channels: 12
        ADC Resolution (bits): 12
        ADC Speed (ksps): 1000
        Resistive Touch Screen: Yes
        Crypto Engine: AES/DES/SHA/TRNG
        SRAM (Kbytes): 128
        External Bus Interface: 1
        DRAM Memory: DDR2/LPDDR/LPDDR2
        NAND Interface: Yes
        Temp. Range (deg C): -40 to 105
        I/O Supply Class: 1.8/3.3
        Operating Voltage (Vcc): 1.08 to 1.32
        FPU: Yes
        Timers: 6
        Output Compare Channels: 6
        Input Capture Channels: 6
        PWM Channels: 4
        32kHz RTC: Yes
        MPU / MMU: No / Yes
        Quadrature Decoder Channels: 0
        Video Decoder: No

        SAMA5D3-CB200 configuration

        Hardware configuration

        CPU SAMA5D3x Industrial/expansion
        Memory 256MB Can be expanded to 512MB
        Storage 256MB Support up to 2GB
        SPI Flash 2M Support programming
        Boot mode SPI boot Ensure the stability and reliability of products

        Working temperature range

        • Industrial grade 


          • -40°C ~ 85°C


        • Expanded industial grade 


          • -40°C ~ 105°C


        Operation system support

        • Kernel: Linux-3.18

        • Interface:command line,

        Model command

        Name of model

        MY-SAMA5-CB200-MPU specification-memory capacity-storage capacity

        MPU specification

        D36ACN, D36ACNR:Industrial expansion.
        D36ACU, D36ACUR:Industrial grade

        Memory capacity

        256MB:256G memory

        Storage capacity

        256MB:256G storge 

        Example of model


        Hardware interface

        Display module Graphic LCD 1 way 24-bit
        Camera module ISI 1 way 2M/2 Mpixels 12-bit Grayscale CMOS Sensors
        Ethernet RMII 1 way support 10/100Mbps
        RGMII 1 way support 10/100/1000Mbps
        Audio SSC 2 way The SSC contains an independent receiver and

        transmitter and a common clock divider.

        Storage SD/MMC card 2 way 4/8-bit
        NandFlash 1 way 8-bit
        USB USB OTG 1 way 480 Mbps USB Device and Host Ports
        USB HOST 2 way 480 Mbps USB Host Only Ports
        SPI SPI 2 way up to 52 Mbit/s
        ICC ISO 7816 1 way 4-bit
        UART UART 6 way up to 4 Mbps
        ADC ADC 12 way 12-bit
        PWM PWM 4 way 16-bit
        I2C I2C 3 way up to 400 kbits/s
        Debug JTAG 1 way JTAG debug

        MY-SAMA5-CB200 definition

        Num. Pin Default signal Default Interface Multiplex   Multiplex Default Interface Default signal Pin Num.
        1 GND_POWER               GND_POWER 2
        3 PC1 ETX1 EMAC TIOB3   LCDDAT19 MCI2 MCI2_DA0 PC11 4
        5 PC8 EMDC TCLK5   LCDDAT18|TIOA1 MCI2_DA1 PC12 6
        7 PC3 ERX1 TIOA4   LCDDAT21|PCK2 MCI2_CK PC15 8
        9 PC6 ERXER TIOA5   LCDDAT17|TIOB1 MCI2_DA2 PC13 10
        11 PC4 ETXEN TIOB4   LCDDAT20 MCI2_CDA PC10 12
        13 PC7 EREFCK TIOB5   LCDDAT16|TCLK1 MCI2_DA3 PC14 14
        15 PC0 ETX0 TIOA3     SSC0 RK0 PC19 16
        17 PC2 ERX0 TCLK3     TF0 PC17 18
        19 PC5 ECRSDV TCLK4     RF0 PC20 20
        21 PC9 EMDIO       RD0 PC21 22
        23 PC30 UTXD0 UART0 ISI_PCK     TK0 PC16 24
        25 PC29 URXD0 ISI_D8|PWMFI2     TD0 PC18 26
        27 GND_POWER               GND_POWER 28
        29 PC31     PWMFI1|FIQ     LCDC LCDVSYNC PA26 30
        31 PC23 SPI1_MOSI SPI1       LCDDISP PA25 32
        33 PC25 SPI1_NPCS0           GND_POWER 34
        35 PC22 SPI1_MISO       LCDC LCDHSYNC PA27 36
        37 PC24 SPI1_SPCK           GND_POWER 38
        39 PC28 SPI1_NPCS3 ISI_D9|PWMFI0     LCDC LCDDEN PA29 40
        41 PA4 LCDDAT4 LCDC       LCDDAT2 PA2 42
        43 PA10 LCDDAT10       LCDDAT15 PA15 44
        45 PA14 LCDDAT14